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Please view the policy for 2021 here: Policy Self Review 2021

Annual Report

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Appropriate Communication and Complaints Channels


  • We make every effort to ensure that you are kept fully informed of events at school. Our main methods of communication are:
  • The School App
  • The fortnightly School Newsletter
  • Our School Facebook Page
  • The School Website
  • Emails
Concerns and Complaints

Despite our best efforts, there may be times when you feel that you need to register a complaint. To avoid unnecessary upset or misunderstandings please ensure that if you have an issue or concern, you talk to us early so we can resolve it quickly. A lot of unnecessary problems can be avoided when communication is open and honest.

To know more about the Concerns and Complaints Policy click here.


We observe the following guidelines:

  1. In the first instance please attempt to resolve the issue by discussing it with the teacher concerned. If you feel that the issue remains unresolved, please ask to speak with the team leader or a Deputy Principal. However, if you feel that the issue is still unresolved, then the parent or guardian should make a written complaint to the Principal and an appointment will be made to discuss the issue.
  2. To discuss the complaint an appointment will be made to suit both parties.
  3. Complainants who feel they have not had their problems addressed after following the process should formally complain to the Board of Trustees in written form.
  4. All written complaints will be responded to verbally and in writing.

Please click here to know more about Guidelines for raising concerns.