Extra curricular opportunities

Music Groups:

Diamond Harbour School has a range of music groups including choir, ukulele, percussion, recorder and junior and senior rock bands. The groups practise at different times (before school and lunch times) and provide an excellent opportunity for students to experience the joy of music making as part of a group. Opportunities provided for these groups during the year include both performances and competitions, depending on the group. 


Code Club:

Diamond Harbour School runs a Code Club which focuses on both coding and robotics. This is open to students from year 4 – year 8.


Music Lessons:

Music lessons are available at Diamond Harbour School on a range of instruments. Even though these lessons happen in school time, they are private lessons with the arrangement between the parents and the tutors. The school just facilitates this, and provides a venue for the lessons to occur. Currently the tutors we have available tutor piano, violin, guitar, singing and drums. Please contact the school office if you would like more information about these lessons.


Student council:

Each year a Student Council is formed to help foster leadership growth in our school. They support school decisions and have leadership of events running smoothly in school. 


Peer Mediators:

Diamond Harbour School has a peer mediation programme which provides additional leadership opportunities for students. This programme supports our school values and our PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) programme. Peer mediators, selected from year 5 – year 8, undergo a period of training based on the ‘Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme’ prior to being on duty in the playground.