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Rainbow Preschool is a community based, non-profit, Christian Early Childcare Centre that is licensed by the Ministry of Education.

Welcome to Rainbow Preschool, where we’re more than just a place for early childhood education—we’re your partner in family support and empowerment!

Our dedicated and qualified educators at Rainbow Preschool are committed to fostering holistic development in our children. Through our play-based and self-select programs, carefully crafted to enhance, extend, and challenge children’s thinking and learning, we provide both individual and group experiences.

Rainbow Preschool is a Family Support centre where we extend our support beyond normal early childhood education. Our Family Support Programmes include a variety of initiatives such as Mum & Me Dates, Who Let The Dads Out (WLTDO), informative Parent Education Workshops, and Mums and Bubs groups. These offerings are designed to strengthen family bonds, provide valuable resources, and empower parents in their journey of nurturing and guiding their children.

If you are interested in learning more about our Mums and Bubs groups Click here

Rainbow Preschool 25th Anniversary

A very special thank you to all the Staff, Committee, Trust and families (ex and present) in supporting our weekend.

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