Our Board

Our Board is dedicated to the task of setting the school’s Charter and strategic plan to best meet the needs of our students and to ensuring they are implemented consistent with legislative and community requirements, and that goals are achieved.

Board meetings are held twice a term on a Tuesday evening, at 6pm, in the School Staffroom. Dates are advertised in the Community Calendar shared with families at the beginning of each term. Parents/Caregivers are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meeting minutes are available at the school office.

Every three years 5 Board members are elected by the community.
Our elected representatives should always total one more than the number of Proprietor’s representatives.

Julie Stewart
Presiding Member & Proprietor’s Representative


Norman Tufue
Deputy Presiding Member & Proprietor’s Representative


Phillipa Freeman
Board Secretary & Elected Representative

Fr Tony Kearns
Parish Priest & Proprietor


Veronica Sawers


Sarah Chard
Staff Representative


Doug Fauchelle
Proprietor’s Representative


Megan Diamond
Elected Representative

David Gibson
Elected Representative

Jithin Jose
Elected Representative