Our History

Founding Order

St Brendan’s was founded by the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, SMSMs, who belong to the Marist family.  The sisters respond to a call that invites them to be:

  • Sent on a mission beyond frontiers to live and proclaim the Gospel
  • Inspired by Mary and confident of her help
  • Consecrated women living in multicultural communities


The SMSM pioneers felt compelled to live their vocation as Missionaries, as Marists and as Religious.  Charism is a gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church, communicated through a particular person who gathers disciples around him or her and with whom he or she translates a bold vision into action.  It is the burning desire in the heart of the founder/foundress that was alive at one period of history, living on in us, in another day and age. It is ever evolving.